Start hand tracking operation

1. Preparation for hand tracking operation

Place the controller on the table and make a goofy fist in front of you to recognize hand tracking.
※In Oculus Quest, hand tracking operation is turned off by default, so you need to switch the setting to on.

2. Start the hand tracking operation.

When the color of the fist in front of you changes from translucent, hand tracking is recognized and ready to be used.

3. Content that allows you to mainly enjoy hand tracking operations.

“I am Kenshiro Mode” where you use your fists to smash objects flying in front of you.

Enjoy life-size figures in “Figure Mode”.

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“Figure mode” operation method

1. How to get started with hand tracking See here for instructions on how to get started. 2. Touch the gear symbol on the left to display the menu. Clicking on the gear symbol will bring up a menu where you can change the pose and size of the figure. 3. Menu List ・Touch the […]

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