VR application “XR Manga Fist of the North Star” for Oculus Quest (AppliLab) has been released.

This application makes full use of the VR e-book viewer “XR Manga” (patent and trademark registration pending) system developed by Mediadu. You can read the “Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition” published in 2013, which has been newly inserted and re-edited with additional episodes and color pages at the beginning of the book, in the highest quality data before printing.
The main feature of the game is that you can enjoy the world of the “end of the century” with an unprecedented sense of immersion in VR, where the space changes as the story unfolds, along with visual effects and background music. In addition to digital figures of the characters that appear in the story, the game also features the powerful mini-game “I am Kenshiro,” in which players use hand tracking to crush enemies and obstacles that come at them.

・The “All Book Pack” Store Page

・Store page for “Volume 1-6 Set”